Annual TU Delft PowerWeb Institute Conference


This year's annual conference is a fact. "Optimizing Today's Energy System for a Better Tomorrow", hosted by the faculty of 3ME, will be a day full of insights and innovations in control and optimization for energy systems. In an era where sustainable energy systems are critical, this conference illuminates the instruments that facilitate this transition while ensuring a safe supply for tomorrow. There will be ample opportunities to learn about state-of-the-art developments and connect with industry peers over lunch and the closing drinks. 

Program Highlights:

  • Keynote: Jalal Kazempour (DTU Denmark) on integrating power-to-X hybrid power plants into energy markets with the help of computational tools.

  • Keynote: John Simpson-Porco on hierarchical power system control using inverter-based resources.

  • Deep Dive: Understanding electric vehicles and the grid - exploring power electronics to human-AI collaboration.

  • Launch: EnergySHR, our open AI/energy data platform.

  • Awards: Celebrating winners of the "Learning 2 Run a Power Network (L2RPN)" AI Competition.

  • ...and many more insightful sessions!


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