Wageningen and Nijmegen collaborate in ICAI Lab

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Wageningen and Nijmegen collaborate in ICAI Lab

Providing accurate personal advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle using artificial intelligence. That is the goal of the OnePlanet ICAI lab, a collaboration between Wageningen and Nijmegen, which opened earlier this year. 

The effects of lifestyle changes vary significantly from person to person. It depends on a person’s genes, eating pattern, activity and the environment in which they live. A deeper insight into the effects of lifestyle advice can be gained by combining the data on these factors. 

Health and Nutrition 

The national Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) opened a new lab focused on health and nutrition earlier this year. This OnePlanet ICAI lab for Precision Health, Nutrition and Behavior is a collaboration between the Radboud University, OnePlanet Research Center, Radboudumc and Wageningen University & Research (WUR), among others. 
Seven PhD students and two postdocs work in the ICAI Lab. They develop new sensors, algorithms, chatbots and apps that provide personalized support in fields such as health and (eating) behaviour.

Personal approach

The lab is coordinated by scientific directors Guido Camps (WUR) and Tibor Bosse (Radboud University). Bosse explains on the website of the WUR: “This lab allows us to take big steps in the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of nutrition and healthcare. This personal approach, combined with the technical means, will contribute to an essential change in our eating behaviour.”
Camps adds: “We can contribute to the field by joining forces. We know that making recommendations about nutrition is quite time-consuming in practice. The important interpersonal side within nutritional advice and (eating) behaviour can receive even more attention through the use of smart apps.”

About ICAI

Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) is a national network for knowledge institutions, the industry and the government, focused on technology and talent development regarding Artificial Intelligence. It is the second ICAI Lab for the WUR, after the AI for Agro-Food Lab. Nijmegen is also home to AI-Rondo, Donders AI for Neurotech Lab, Radboud AI for Health and Thira Lab. Eindhoven, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Delft and Amsterdam also have ICAI Labs.