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AI hub East Netherlands is for entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments in the region who (want to) work with AI. The hub connects and supports AI applications for a better, more sustainable and healthier life.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence with which machines, software and devices independently perform actions and make decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence
AI in East Netherlands
Facts & Figures

scientists at 3 universities are active in the field of AI.

AI in Oost-Nederland

students per year who take AI-related courses at a University of Applied Sciences.


businesses who are actively working on AI applications around important themes.


university students per year who take AI-related courses.

AI in Oost-Nederland

AI-related startups that arise from one of the knowledge institutions.

AI hub East Netherlands focuses mainly on themes in which the region is strong, which have a positive influence on people and the environment, and where the economic opportunities lie.

Medical Imaging, Health Robotics, Personalized E-health


Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics, Semicon Technology, Predictive Maintenance


Smart Farming, Food Processing, Personalised Nutrition


Decentralised Grid Management, Green IT


Personalized learning, Hybrid Human-AI Relationships, AI@EDU Infrastructure

AI for you
AI for you Working together on the digital future

AI hub East Netherlands helps parties to find their way in the AI playing field. We map out partners, projects and funding opportunities and make the right connections.

Easy access to the AI ecosystem.
Strategic cooperation in initiatives and innovation projects.
Pooling and sharing the available knowledge and facilities.
Access to other AI hubs, both national and international.
Help in finding and applying for relevant grants and other funding.
Inspiration on solutions that AI can offer to business.