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MKB Datalab Oost offers the following to SMEs and (semi-)government institutions:

MKB Datalab Oost helps SMEs and (semi-)government institutions derive value from their data by engaging master's students from Radboud University and University of Twente. Students specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science work on real-world problems from small and medium-sized businesses and (semi-)government institutions under the professional guidance of university professors. The inspiration sessions and workshops are designed to assist SMEs and (semi-)government institutions in exploring and identifying potential data or AI challenges.

More about MKB Datalab East

We live in a time where developments in Artificial Intelligence and data science are advancing rapidly. AI and data science help us tackle the major challenges we face as a society. Entrepreneurs recognize the opportunities in utilizing AI and data science, but sometimes struggle with how to practically implement them. The digital transition can be particularly challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs and (semi-)government institutions often lack the necessary technical knowledge to leverage their own data for creating value for themselves and their customers. MKB Datalab East aims to make a difference for these businesses. Through the establishment of MKB Datalab East, we want to contribute to bridging the gap between the potential possibilities of AI and data science for SMEs and what is currently being applied by SMEs in East Netherlands.

MKB Datalab East is available for a broad range of SMEs and (semi-)government institutions in East Netherlands, regardless of their level of familiarity or experience with working with data. Here are the different categories of companies and organizations that can benefit from MKB Datalab East:

  1. Companies and organizations that have no prior experience with data-driven work and are seeking guidance on how to start collecting data.

  2. Companies and organizations that already collect data but struggle with tasks such as data cleaning, storage, and preparation for analysis.

  3. Companies and organizations that have unlocked their data for analysis but have limited capacity and knowledge to perform predictive analytics.

  4. Companies and organizations that are already running predictive analytics but are looking to gain insight into the latest developments in AI and data science.

  5. Companies and organizations that are well-informed about the advancements and possibilities in AI and data science and are seeking additional capacity for short-term projects.

MKB Datalab East aims to cater to these diverse needs and assist SMEs and (semi-)government institutions at various stages of their data-driven journey.


MKB Datalab East provides tailored solutions following a fixed structure. Through inspirational sessions and the AI for Business masterclass, we aim to inspire and educate SMEs and (semi-)government institutions about the possibilities of data. We start with a low-threshold intake conversation and a data check to develop a proposal for a custom assignment. If the proposal is accepted, a master student commits approximately 80 hours to deliver the promised results. In case a custom assignment cannot be formulated during the intake, we provide support to the SME through the Data workshop.

SMEs work under professional guidance alongside master students. In a custom assignment, specific deliverables are agreed upon, and the student is committed to achieving the desired outcome. With the support of professionals from Radboud University and University of Twente, we ensure successful project delivery. The inspirational sessions and workshops help SMEs identify and define their data-related challenges.

A master student works on the project for a period of six to eight weeks under supervision. The project's results are delivered and evaluated with the client, after which a new project can be initiated. This iterative process allows for continuous engagement and improvement.

Through this approach, MKB Datalab East aims to deliver tailored solutions and support SMEs and (semi-)government institutions in leveraging the power of data.

About MKB Datalab East-Netherlands
The information, inspiration, knowledge, and consultancy provided by MKB Datalab East-Netherlands are offered through two locations in the East-Netherlands region: MKB Datalab East-Netherlands @Radboud University and MKB Datalab East-Netherlands @University Twente. Projects are executed by master students from the Master's programs in Computing Science (Radboud University), AI (Radboud University), Computer Science (University of Twente), Business Information Systems (University of Twente), and Applied Mathematics (University of Twente). These projects are conducted outside the regular curriculum, allowing for flexibility in scheduling based on the client's needs, unlike, for example, internships. MKB Datalab is made possible by the support of

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