AI Parade extended due to success until the fall of 2023


For the Royal Library, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Dutch AI Coalition, this is a reason to extend the AI Parade until the end of this year. The AI Parade will travel to 36 libraries until the fall of 2023. Debates, workshops, and exhibitions are part of the AI Parade's program. It involves a variety of engaging activities that can reach a large audience.

Aim of AI Parade.
The aim of the AI Parade is to prepare residents of the Netherlands as much as possible for a future with AI. It's important to involve them directly and raise the level of knowledge and awareness about AI in order to enable them to make the best use of AI applications in their daily lives. During this traveling exhibition, visitors to libraries can get better acquainted with artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Central questions include: what is AI? What isn't it? How does it impact daily life? And what are the consequences for society in the future? Within the programming, which covers one month per library, AI specialists, entrepreneurs, and users engage in dialogue with visitors during sessions, workshops, and other activities about AI developments.

Selection of libraries for the fall
The following libraries have been selected to host the AI Parade from October 2023. The partners of the AI Parade congratulate them warmly on the allocation and look forward to six new AI Parades that will contribute to raising awareness among residents of the Netherlands about AI.

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