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The healthcare sector is facing major challenges. Our aging society results in complex care demands, less personnel is available, and healthcare costs are rising. Digitization of the healthcare sector and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could offer a solution for these challenges. On November 23 2022 partners of the AI hub East Netherlands discussed this during the AI & medical imaging event that took place at De Rozet in Arnhem.

The speakers, from the Radboudumc, Universiteit Twente, Isala hospital, Zorggroep Twente, startup Ardim and OostNL, talked about their experiences and innovations in this field. Topics that were discussed concerned AI for radiology and pathology, AI for recognizing risks, AI for optimization of the workflow in healthcare, and AI for moving healthcare from the hospital to primary care providers. The presentations and panel discussion made clear that although AI offers many opportunities to improve the efficiency of our healthcare sector, many steps have to be taken before this becomes reality.

One of the discussed examples showed that many AI algorithms that have recently been developed, lead to more work for radiologists, since the predictions made by the AI have to be double-checked. A second example concerns the administrative burden that is placed on caretakers. AI could reduce this, but the currently used systems are not compatible yet, making it very hard to develop appropriate AI methods. Concluding, AI solutions should not lead to more work for the user, and should lead to lower healthcare costs. Luckily, collaborations in this field, for example between hospitals and academic researchers, or via academic research that leads to new startups, can solve these bottlenecks. And this is done more and more in our region!

Over 80 people visited the event, the participants were from businesses, academic and top clinical hospitals, universities, universities of applied science, physician associations and investors. It was a very inspiring afternoon!

A follow-up meeting to this event will be planned. At the Health Valley Event on March 30, 2023, several sessions on this topic will be held, so be sure to write this down in your agenda!

The AI hub East Netherlands is a collaboration that was initiated by the Radboud University, Radboudumc, Twente University, Wageningen University, The Economic Board, Twente Board and OostNL. This event was organized in collaboration with HealthValley. All parties in region east-Netherlands that work with or on AI, or intend to work with AI, are part of this hub. The AI hub East Netherlands is partner of the Dutch AI Coalition.

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