AI in East Netherlands

Strong ecosystem

In the East Netherlands, more than 350 companies are actively working on AI applications around important social issues. Many scientists and PhD students at the regional knowledge institutes are researching the possibilities of AI. And with initiatives like AI for Life, the AI network in Twente and BOOST Smart Industry, there is already plenty of collaboration on AI.

All these loose links are brought together in the AI hub East Netherlands. The increasingly strong AI ecosystem that emerges and becomes visible this way, creates an attractive business climate for new businesses, binds researchers and digital talent to the region and offers opportunities to acquire funds, among others in Europe. In short: more power is created for AI’s further development and demand-oriented application.


AI hub East Netherlands focuses on the application of AI in themes where the region is strong, that have a positive impact on people and the environment, and where there are economic opportunities. These are primarily health, food, industry, energy and education.

In addition, within the hub we are working on applying AI to themes such as safety, biodiversity, logistics, transport and mobility. Crossovers and knowledge sharing between all these themes are ensured.

Artificial Intelligence